Las Vegas Downtown Hotels

When you think of the glittering lights of Las Vegas and many of the iconic images of the city, from the marquees of the Golden Nugget and the neon cowboy figure, Vegas Vic, your are thinking of downtown.

Fremont Street Las Vegas Downtown Hotels

Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas

Las Vegas downtown hotels include many of the oldest and most famous establishments in the city. They are concentrated along Fremont Street, a major portion of which has been covered and renamed the Fremont Experience.

The Fremont Experience, began in 1994, created a giant canopy, rising ninety feet high above the street, that comes alive at night with a giant LED display and light show. The canopy runs about 1500 feet along the stretch of Fremont Street known as “Glitter Gulch”, due to its impressive neon light displays. Known as “Viva Vision”, the entire giant canopy becomes one giant display during the nightly light shows, which are simply amazing to watch.

Free outdoor concerts are also regularly held at two stages along the Fremont Experience, giving the place a festive, party-like atmosphere.

There are a number of hotels and casinos along this stretch, including the following:

  • The Plaza
  • Binion’s Horseshoe
  • Golden Nugget
  • Four Queens
  • Fremont Hotel
  • Fitzgeralds

The downtown Las Vegas hotels and casinos tend to be far more old school and less glamorous or upscale as those along the Strip further to the south. But you can still find some great rooms and attractions here.

For instance, at the Golden Nugget, the pool area is absolutely fantastic and was recently rated one of the top 10 hotel pools in the world.

But mostly you come to Las Vegas downtown hotels for the more authentic Vegas experience, for the incredible, iconic street of neon marquees, for the cheap shrimp cocktails and cheaper drinks, the low table minimums, and, of course for the Fremont Experience.

The downtown area and Fremont Street in specific is well worth the trip if you are staying at one of the large, new resorts on the Vegas Strip. It’s like heading back into the past, to a much simpler yet equally fun time, when Vegas was cheap, the lights were bright, and the casino workers friendly if often slightly offbeat.

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